Schedule and Slides
Week Date Topic Slides Notes Assignments
1 Nov. 2 Introduction; Administrativia,
course topics, Classical Cryptography, Perfect Secrecy. Started Computational Indistinguishability.
2 Nov. 7 Computational secrecy, pseudorandom generators & stream ciphers, pseudorandom functions & block ciphers Lecture2 Ex1 is published
3 Nov. 16 finished Block Ciphers, Authentication, Hash Functions Lecture3 (updated), Lecture4 (updated 24/11) DES (Biham's slides), AES (animation)
4 Nov. 23 Hash Functions, started number-theory
5 Nov. 30 Public-Key Cryptography: key-Exchange (Merkle, DH), Number-Theory-1 Lecture5 Ex2 is published
6 Dec. 7 Public-Key Encryption Schemes: ElGamal, RSA Lecture6
7 Dec. 14 Rabin's trapdoor function, Goldwasser-Micali Encryption scheme, and Primality testing Lecture7
8 Dec. 21 Algorithms for Factoring (guest lecturer: Eran Tromer) Biham's slides Ex3 is published
9 Dec. 28 Digital Signature Lecture9
10 Jan. 4 Zero-Knowledge 1 (Interactive Proofs, HVZK, Graph (non) Isomorphism, QRs, Discrete Log, Sigma Protocols, Fiat-Shamir) Lecture10 Ex4 is published
11 Jan. 11 Zero-Knowledge 2 (Cheating verifier, 3-Colorability), Commitments, Coin-Tossing, Hardcore predicates Lecture11
12 Jan. 18 Secret Sharing (Shamir), Visual Cryptography, Threshold Cryptography Lecture12 Ex5 is published
13 Jan. 25 Secure Computation (The HBC-BGW protocol), Fully Homomorphic Encryption Lecture13
14 Feb. 1 Summary, solving HWs Exam's cover page
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